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Impala Terminals Liquid Bulk was created in October 2022 following the acquisition of 19 storage assets from Puma Energy. We provide bulk liquid and gas energy producers, retailers and traders with the safe, clean and efficient storage and handling of their products. 


Our current global network includes some of the most modern, efficient and best-in-class terminals in service. We operate in emerging markets and have strong presence in Latin America and are growing our footprint across Africa. We also own, manage and operate terminals in Europe and Asia Pacific. More information about each of our assets will be available on this website soon. 


Each of Impala’s energy assets is strategically positioned at key port locations and supported by the necessary connections and infrastructure to optimise turnaround time for ships, trains and trucks and pipeline connections. Our services range from blending, to complex logistics, handling and delivery. At selected port locations we offer product combinations and a range of value-adding related services.


We know our customers rely on stock accuracy, quality customer service and first-time-right communications, so we make it our business to deliver on all of these to ensure our customers win. Just as we commit to ensuring the highest HSEC standards across all of our operations. 


To ensure the long-term sustainability of our business each of our energy assets is backed by one or more anchor customer. To complement this, we also seek to diversify our businesses with third party customers. 




3.2 m + cbm

Storage capacity


Liquid storage terminals worldwide