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The area of sub-Saharan Africa, encompassing Southern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and northern Zambia contains the second largest deposits of copper ore after Chile. Such is this region’s significance, it is appropriately known as the Copperbelt. Besides providing imports and exports to the entire region, Impala’s experience in Africa spans over 20 years and today has a premier logistics chain that connects producers and consumers in the Copperbelt with international markets.


Impala’s service offering to the market comprises of four world class terminals, strategically located at key trade route intersections, along with the ability to secure safe, secure, reliable and economic transport between them. Within the DRC, Impala’s facilities at both Kolwezi and Lubumbashi provide ideal secure facilities for both the consolidation of mining products for export, as well as a just in time delivery hub for imported consumables destined for the surrounding mines. Our ability to handle both 20 and 40 foot containers at all sites underlines our flexibility to handle a wide range of goods. From the DRC, both exported and imported cargoes route through Zambia, where they benefit not only from another secure, customs bonded Impala Terminal in Ndola, but also goods in transit customs clearance on both DRC and Tanzanian borders.


In Tanzania, Impala provides a series of truck stops, each strategically located a single day’s drive away from the last. This allows us not only to provide a safe stopping point for all our cargo on route, but also lets us provide sanitation, cooking and rest areas for the drivers which we contract.


A partnership with North Star Alliance, a health care charity, has also seen us install the first of what will be several health care facilities at our truck stops, which allow drivers working for Impala the opportunity to receive basic health care whilst on the road. Each of our facilities is also rail connected, and we are working closely with the national Zambian and Tanzanian rail authorities to maximise the movement of our cargo via rail.


Our point of export and import is primarily through the port of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Our quayside terminal within the port, is the largest awarded to any single operator and allows us to receive, store and sample the materials which we transport, along with stuffing and handling containers and break-bulk cargoes.