Press Release Geneva, Switzerland, 24.03.2020

COVID 19 Update

Impala Terminals is working hard to maintain our service to our customers and our complex global supply chains of commodities, while continuing to prioritise the health and safety of our employees and contractors during these challenging times.


We are following the outbreak of the coronavirus closely. We have a well-established business continuity plan that has been adapted by site and/or business line. We are taking guidance from advice issued by governments and international organisations. Each day, our coronavirus working group is reviewing whether we should take additional actions.


Extensive precautionary measures are being taken to reduce the risk of infection within and around our working environment. Following our business continuity plan and advice from governments, all locations worldwide are applying a social-spacing policy throughout the operations and adapted shift patterns, amongst many other measures. A high proportion of office-based employees are working from home.


Understandably, the various measures being taken are expected to have an impact upon some of our services. Our overriding priority is to maintain safe operations for our employees and contractors as well as ensuring the security of our customers’ goods.


We wish to thank our employees, contractors, customers and those we work alongside for their continued commitment, resourcefulness and resilience during these unprecedented times,” said Nicolas Konialidis, CEO Impala Terminals.


Further updates will be published in due course.