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29 January 2015

About Porto Sudeste, a major iron port in Brazil

Porto Sudeste, Itaguaí


Brazil is the world's third largest iron ore producer and exporter. Porto Sudeste is our flagship iron ore port facility on the South-Eastern coast, owned and operated as a joint venture with Mubadala Development Company and in association with MMX Mineração e Metalicos. Porto Sudeste commenced operations in 2015 and has opened a revolutionary export passage for producers in the Minas Gerais region. The port facility is brand new, featuring the most advanced security controls and systems. With private rail spur access from the MRS railway in addition to two new shiploaders for simultaneous loading, our advanced operations are designed to maximise efficiencies for our customers from production site to international port. Porto Sudeste’s capacity allows handling up to 50 million metric tonnes of iron ore per year. Health and safety records were set for everyone involved in the massive construction effort. We have also placed great importance on how we mitigate the impact of surrounding communities.



50 mmt +

Of annual throughput capacity


Capsize vessels loading simultaneously

2.5 mmt

Storage yard capacity

766 m