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Paraná River - Fluvial Transportation


The Paraná River is South America’s second longest river running 4,880 kilometres through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The Paraná River, and adjoining Rio Paraguay, river network has become a significant economic development area and a key conduit for domestic and international trade.


Impala Terminals Paraguay’s fleet of 33 modern, double-hulled barges and five pushers operate along the entire length of the waterway, moving as much as 25,000m3 of gas oil, jet fuel, gasoline and naphtha products per convoy, from the River Plate in Argentina inland to landlocked Paraguay and Bolivia. The route is also leveraged for return-journey export shipments of soy bean oil from Paraguay and Bolivia to Argentina.


Both our barges and pushers are fitted with modern GPS navigation, cargo monitoring and night operation equipment. Including alarm systems to alert crewmembers when the cargo is between 95 and 98 percent full, preventing any risk of product overflow or spillage.


Our fluvial operation has recently expanded to offer our service to third parties for dry cargoes thanks to the low draft navigation capabilities of our fleet that is able to operate in the shallower waters of the Alto Paraná region and Bolivia.


Operational, environmental and employee safety are our top three priorities. We continuously provide staff training and deploy the latest technology and equipment to ensure that we operate more reliably, responsibly and efficiently than our competitors.





25,000 m3

Capacity per convoy